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This is one wicked application if you want clear your POP mailboxes clear of mail. The whole thing works on the basis of different plugins like standard word filters and Bayesian learning filter. Although Spamihilator comes with only two or three extensions, on the official site there are 19 different plugins to battle against spam.

The installation is straight forward and spamihilator will pre-configure your mail client for you. Spamihilator works with all the big mail clients out there. If your client is not supported you will need to know you POP server address and your username.

Spamihilator steup wizard

Once configured your mail client, you will have to configure spamihilator to start filtering spam. This can be done using out of-the-box filters like the S_P_A_C_E filter or the AlphabetSoup filter. These filters can be used without any configuration or training. I would recommend using the filters mentioned before along with the Mystic Signs filter, the image filter and the attachment filter which come with Spamihilator. These will guarantee a very high spam recognition rate. However with these filters there is a chance of losing valuable mails. To avoid this you have to use the learning filter which allows you to tech Spamihilator which mails are yours and which are spam. Every time you receive mail, you will be able to to train Spamihilator using the received mails.

Spamihilator training area

Just choose which of your mails are spam and which of them are not spam and click "Learn!"

 Spamihilator recycle bin

If spamihilator does filter out some of your legitimate, you can always check the Recycle bin which stores all your filtered messages for user-defined period of time.

Spamihilator is very configurable and it allows you to do quite a lot of different things. One the most interesting features, in my opinion are the "filter priority" options. This allows you to determine which part of a filter do you want to enable (finding spam or non-spam) and prioritize your filters. Among other things, Spamihilator allows you to delete blocked senders straight from your server. For people with dial-up connections, this can be quite a time-saver. Furthermore, Spamihilator allows you to extend the functionality of your mail client via extensions like POP notifier. I guess this applies mostly to users of Outlook/Outlook Express as most modern mail clients already have such features.

Spamihilator settings

Overall, I have to say this is the best spam filter I have ever used and I've tried quite a few. The interface is simple and easy to use. configuration works without a glitch and most importantly once properly configured, Spamihilator filters virtually all your spam. 9/10

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