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Media Player Classic

This is the player that WMP should have been. Instead of adding new features and retaining useability, Microsoft decided to start adding skins and all sorts of garbage to WMP. Media Classic Classic combines extreme ease of use along with functionality that should suit most users needs.

A rather spartan interface, but hey it does it's job!

One of the greatest things about MPC is its support for all the main codecs. With MPC you can play anything you like as long as you have the right codecs. However I must warn you that MPC uses DirectShow which is what makes WMP run. So in essence MPC is a wrapper around WMP's engine. But it does provide quite a lot of enhancements like a clean interface and additional tweaking features. This brings me to another great feature of MPC, support for Real and quicktime codecs. That's right, with MPC you can watch .mov and .ram. However first of all, you have to install special hacked codecs. These codec aren't entirely legal, but I wouldn't call Real's crapware that they call a player legal either. Anyhow here is where you can get the codecs:

By the way, these codecs come with the plug-ins for Opera/Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox browsers. Just point to your /plugins dircetory in your browser's folder.

Overall, I would say this a great player for playing video and DVDs. With music the player isn't on standards with things like winamp as its playlist is quite primitive and it lacks a media library feature (it only has favourites bookmark). 7/10 


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